(In no order)

NMRA Links page

Athearn Homepage--Bring on the Genesis Series

Canadian Box Car site--Awsome freight car modeling

Conrail website--lots of nice freight car photos

CSX website--lots of nice freight car photos

JBRail--Intermodal and Freight car coverage w/ great HO modeling

A-Line Homepage--Tank car ends and the best intermodal equipment

Intermodal modeling site

HO scale Vehicle and Equipment club

Allen Rueter's Arkansas and Missouri RR page w/Carbon Dioxide tank cars

NS site with a few tank car photos in the Freight car section

Tom Jelinek's cool FC site

Darrell Sawyer's outstanding website

Maine Rail photos---many FC photos

Chris Butts' modern FC website

Tom Stolte's freight car photos

Outstanding modern grafitti decals

Kel's website---has FC photos

Milwaukee Road freight car photo roster

Fallen Flag and Shortline RR photos--lots of FC photos!

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Last modified on Monday, November 22, 1999