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ACFX 86240

Here is a pre-primer shot of ACFX 86240. A prototype photo can be found on page 62 of the Feb 1992 Mainline Modeler. I started with the MDC modern tank car kit, and scratch-built the end frames and saddles. The ends are from A-Line part number 29400, and the walkways are heavily modified Plano. Notice the walkways were not fully completed when I took the photo. Trucks are Walther's with NWSL wheels.

Here is the finished model. I painted it with Testor's Acryl semi-gloss black, and decals were pieced together with the majority comming from Islington Station Products #100-111E. Grimmy/earth color was added to bottom and ends of tank near wheels to simulate wheel spit. Diluted gloss black was streaked down the sides to represent Chlorine spills which attacked the paint.

Here is the finished model in service on my basement layout. I model the 1996 era ATSF; modeling the area around Ft Sumner, NM. The photos were taken with 64T slide film and look good, but the resulting prints (made from the slides) look hazzy. I will probably try scanning the images right from the slides in the future.

UTLX 600069

Here is a prototype photo of the car I tried to recreate. It was taken at the Altoona, PA Union Tank Car repair facility, in 1995. I started with the Walther's 40' funnel flow kit. The Manway was superdetailed and relocated to the center of the car. Walkways are modified Plano #301, with the ladder centered. Decals came from Microscale's sheet #87-502. NWSL wheels were added to the trucks.

Here is the completed car. I will post a better photo in the future, when I shoot some photos of the cars in action on my layout. I'm not totally finished with the weathering though...I'll probably add some gray chalk to get closer to the prototype's faded paint.

View of the finished car on my layout. UTLX 600096 is in a low-priority manifest freight on the siding, and is waiting for a hot intermodal train to pass.

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