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HOKX 111601

I always liked these cars with the black stripe in the center. My starting point was the Walther's 40' Funnel Flow. Plano's walkway kit #301 was modified to match the prototype's inside handrail configuration. The car was painted with a custom mixture of Testors' Acryl paints. To get you close to the way the faided 111601 looks, I used 10mL of FS#35622 Duck Egg blue, 10mL of FS#35237 Medium gray, and 0.5mL of Blue Angle blue. Semi-gloss black was used for the stripe. I used Islington Station set #100-202E for all the decals but the reporting marks. The reporting marks came from a recent Microscale HOKX set. The danger warning label (on the top of the tank) was cut from a Microscale SD80/SD90 data set. These series of cars do not have reporting marks on the top of the tank. Below are some shots of the car on my Eastern New Mexico, ATSF layout.

GATX 30419

A prototype photo is on page 19 of the May 1998 Model Railroading. This is arguably my favorite type of tank car....Methanol/Alcohol cars. Two models were started using three MDC tank cars by cutting and splicing them together. The ends in the MDC kit look correct also. But, that is about as far as I got since there are no correct decals for cars of that capacity. Please, email me if you have any photos of Methanol/Alcohol tank cars.

CONX 9218

Here is a shot of my first tank car model. Plano walkway kit #302 was added along with train lines and NWSL wheels. Not 100% accurate for CONX (close though); it was built to be a UTLX LPG car. But since no one makes UTLX LPG decals, it was lettered with the Microscale set MC-4076. A prototype photo is on page 13 of Journal of Railway Tank Cars #5, published by the Society of Freight Car Historians.

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