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PROX 47919

Here is a pre-primer in-progress shot of PROX 47919. The prototype has a 106" outside diameter tank, so an Athearn 104" tank was used as the core. An overlay of .010" styrene was used for the body, and the Athearn ends were modified with putty to match the new body. Everything except the modified ends are scratch-built. The walkway material is from Plano sheet slotted material, and the ladders are from a Plano kit. Trucks are Kato 70 ton trucks with the rotating roller bearing caps. The weld bead detail was made by imbeding DA .006" brass wire into the tank body. Internal spring safety valves are Alumilite castings, which I intend to sell someday. The manway is also a homemade casting, and the ball valve outlet is plastic rod that was turned to shape. Next step is the primer and final coat of paint. I plan to use decals from Mainline decal set 18-307-87, and Down East Decals set #002. Below is a prototype photo taken by Ed Barry in 1997.

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Last modified on Monday, November 22, 1999