Photos are arranged by tank car type (and then later by builder), please select a link and enjoy the photos.

263K lbs (and less) Gross Rail

Loading (GRL) designs:

286K lbs GRL designs:


General purpose non-insulated 20,XXX gallon designs

General purpose insulated 29,XXX gallon designs

General purpose insulated 20,XXX gallon designs

19,XXX gallon Corn syrup designs

General purpose non-insulated 23,XXX gallon designs

Alcohol/Methonal designs

General purpose insulated 23,XXX gallon designs

Titanium Dioxide design

General purpose non-insulated 26,XXX gallon designs

25,XXX gallon Asphult design

General purpose insulated 25,XXX gallon designs

25,XXX gallon Styrene design

Petro-chemical insulated 27,XXX gallon designs

27,XXX gallon Parifin Wax design

Plate B Alchohol/Methonal 30,XXX gallon designs

15,XXX Sulfur designs

Plate C Alchohol/Methonal 30,XXX gallon designs

15,XXX Phosphoric Acid designs

LPG/Ammonia 33,XXX gallon designs

20,XXX gallon Ethylen Eichloride design

16,XXX gallon Corn syrup designs

Petro-chemical and Oil designs

17,XXX gallon Corn syrup designs

22-23,XXX gallon Ethylene Glycol designs

16,XXX Caustic soda designs

Clay Slurry design

17,XXX gallon Chlorine designs

28,XXX design (UTLX)

14,XXX gallon Clay Slurry designs



Titanium Dioxide designs


Hydrogen Peroxide designs


Vinyl Chloride designs


Carbon Dioxide designs


Sulfuric Acid and related designs


Sulfur designs


Hydrochloric and Flurosilicic Acid designs


Insulated Phosphoric Acid designs


Non-insulated Phosphoric Acid designs


Nitic Acid designs


Hydrogen Fluoride designs


Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen designs


Miscelaneous designs