Below are various pages of tank car photos taken through out North America. Photos are in the order of when I put them online. In the future when I get enough photos, I hope to arrange them by owner. Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos. Please contact me if you would like to submit photos.

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Below are pages with close-up shots of particular tank cars. Let me know if you like the detail pages, and if you think they are helpful or not for modeling purposes.

HOKX 111601

CRGX 4856

HDSX 20035

FLIX 94016

Below are pages with close-up shots of tank car facilities or industries that use tank cars. The goal is to inspire the modeler to build such a simple facility on his/her layout (or diorama). Email me if you have photos for this section.

Cleveland tar facility

Cleveland bleach factory

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Last modified on Monday, November 22, 1999